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Italian Healthcare Suppliers


Banca IFIS Pharma is the division of the Bank that is dedicated to creating integrated management solutions for the Healthcare Suppliers who are interested in assigning, under a non-recourse agreement, their receivables due from the Italian Health Service.

So doing, they protect themselves against the risk of late payment.



Banca IFIS Pharma offers to buy receivables from large suppliers to the National Health Service under a non-recourse, IAS compliant agreement.
By assigning their receivables due from the NHS and state hospitals, these suppliers obtain the advantage of:

  • Bettering their balance sheets;
  • Eliminating uncertainty connected toNHS and state hospital payment times;
  • Reduce their working capital

The benefits of this solution are many:

  • Elimination for the assigning company of the risks of late payment or debtor insolvency;
  • Certainty of cost;
  • Cash flow planning, thanks to certainty of cash flows.

The benefits and advantages of collaborating with Banca IFIS Pharma can also be reaped by Small and Medium enterprises who are clients of the Italian Health Service and the Public Administration, as these clients often face extremely long payment times from these institutions; payment times that often go well overdue.