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Banca IFIS Pharma, through its Business Unit “Farmacie (Pharmacies)”, offers pharmacists an array of customized and reliable solutions to meet the total financial needs of pharmacies: in this manner, pharmacies can rely on a concrete solution to meet their short and medium term financing needs.



Banca IFIS Pharma supports the short-term credit needs of pharmacies through the technical instrument of factoring: the pharmacy sells receivables due from the ASL to Banca IFIS Pharma, and in so doing receives an advance, thus allowing the pharmacy to meet its most pressing needs.


Financing is a five-year installment plan for the consolidation of current debt: in this manner, the pharmacy is guaranteed the opportunity to rebalance its financial situation over a longer time span.


The MetLife insurance program for Banca IFIS is an efficient tool available for customers who wants to obtain finance in complete transparency and safety.
The insurance policy – which is optional and protects the insured person and his/her your family through all the duration of the loan – recognizes, in the cases provided for by contract, an indemnity equal to the residual debt resulting from the amortization plan.

Banca IFIS makes available to its client (B2B or pharmacies) a business checking account- IFISimpresa, thus providing the opportunity to enhance the client pharmacies’ cash flow thanks to the opening of checking account credit. Visit the website for more information.