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Banca IFIS PharmaBanca IFIS Pharma is the division of the Bank that is dedicated to creating integrated management solutions for the Healthcare Suppliers who are interested in assigning, under a non-recourse agreement, their receivables due from the Italian Health Service. So doing, they protect themselves against the risk of late payment.

Banca IFIS Pharma benefits on one hand from Banca IFIS’s solidity – at 31 December 2017 net profit hits 180,8 million euro and CET1 ratio is 15,64% – and, on the other hand, from Banca IFIS’s strong capacity to lend financial support thanks to the funding and deposits it obtains from the rendimax savings account and the contomax current account.

Business Unit FarmacieBanca IFIS Pharma, through its Business Unit “Farmacie (Pharmacies)”, offers pharmacists an array of customized and reliable financial solutions to meet the total financial needs of pharmacies